Why and how to keep a Child Health Diary?

Taking care of child's health - is a significant part of every parent's life. Since the birth it's necessary to carry out different medical examinations, vaccinations, tests. And in any case, every child gets ill from time to time - thus the body adapts to the environment.

And it depends on you whether the child care will become a constant hassle or routine activity that you perform professionally. No, you do not need to become a doctor and cure your child yourself, but you can learn how to fulfill your parental responsibilities safely and efficiently.

And that's where the child health diary can help. You can keep it in your computer or smartphone, for example, using Goopatient.

How child health journal can help you?

Save your nerves
It's interesting that the main benefit of the baby health journal - is a benefit for parents. While we care less than necessary about our own health, we often panic more than necessary because of every little case with the child's health. At the same time, we often forget that the similar case has happened before and we coped with this problem (or the problem even didn't happen after all).

Baby health journal helps you to remember such things, calm down and take needed actions (call doctor, give medications, change diet ...).

Moreover, with the help of the health diary you will be able to predict what problems will occur in a given month. For example, you'll know that in March your child is likely to catch a cold and in July will probably have an eating disorder.

Helps to explain everything right to doctor
When you record and describe symptoms in a health journal, you exercise to formulate your observations and get a better understanding of the problem triggers. Then you will be able to competently explain everything to your doctor. You can take the health app with you to clinic in order not to forget any detail. In result - doctor will make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.

Keep vaccination calendar
Each child needs a dozen of vaccinations against dangerous diseases. Each vaccination should be done at a certain age. In order not to forget about the next vaccination, it's advised to keep the vaccination calendar. In he calendar you can record data about the vaccine, which has been given to your baby, date of vaccination and add notes about what was the reaction to the vaccine.

Record health advises
Parents get a lot of advices from their friends, relatives, doctors and internet users. And it's difficult to remember who gave the advice: a doctor or a friend at work. In the diary, you can record all the health advises with their sources. And then, by analyzing health records, you will be able to understand, which sources are more reliable.

Identify the key health problems, allergies and contraindications
In childhood the allergies, predispositions to certain diseases and drugs appear - so it's important to identify them earlier before they cause serious consequences. By analyzing the baby health diary you can create a list of the main health problems and change the kid lifestyle respectively.

Improve child nutrition
When your child complains of stomach pain or has an upset stomach - just write down to the health journal what the child ate that day. Thus, you will be able to identify the products, which are not advisable for him.