Truck driver Health Record Software

Truck drivers should keep health records to ensure their overall well-being and safety while on the road for long hours and extended periods. Maintaining a health journal can help them monitor any symptoms that may arise during their journeys, such as fatigue, back pain, headaches, or changes in vision, which could be indicative of potential health issues. They can also track triggers that may exacerbate symptoms, like irregular sleep patterns, poor diet, or stress.

Measuring vital signs regularly, including blood pressure and heart rate, can help in identifying any concerning trends. Lab tests, such as cholesterol and glucose levels, can provide insights into their cardiovascular health and potential risk factors. Keeping a record of medications and their dosages is crucial to ensure proper adherence to prescribed treatments. Moreover, noting any medical procedures or doctor visits allows truck drivers to maintain a proactive approach to their health and seek timely medical attention if needed.

Sample health journal entries that can be entered into Goopatient*:
Date: July 28, 2023
Made a mental note to improve sleep hygiene by ensuring 7-8 hours of #sleep during scheduled breaks. Planning to incorporate healthier food options and regular exercise during rest days to manage #back_pain better.
Felt fatigued and slightly lightheaded during the afternoon drive. Experienced intermittent lower #back_pain while unloading cargo.
Irregular #sleep schedule due to overnight deliveries and consuming fast food during lunch break may have contributed to today's #fatigue.
Took #Ibuprofen (400 mg) for relieving back pain.
Checked #blood_pressure using a portable monitor - reading was 132/86 mmHg.
Last #cholesterol and #glucose tests were conducted two months ago, results were within the normal range.
*These health records are not real, but compiled by Dr. Mike Stanton of the UCLA Health Center. The data that you put in Goopatient is totally private and stored only on your computer.