Lung Cancer Health Record Software

People with Lung Cancer should keep health records to better manage their condition and enhance communication with healthcare providers. Maintaining a health journal allows individuals to track various aspects of their health, including symptoms such as persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, and unexplained weight loss. By documenting potential triggers like exposure to tobacco smoke or environmental pollutants, individuals can identify factors that may exacerbate their lung cancer symptoms. Regularly measuring and recording vital signs, such as oxygen saturation levels and respiratory rate, can help monitor lung function and detect any concerning changes.

Lab tests, including blood tests and imaging scans, can be tracked to assess treatment response and overall lung health. Additionally, the health journal can be used to log medications, their dosages, and any side effects experienced. Furthermore, documenting doctor visits and their recommendations ensures continuity of care and empowers individuals to actively participate in their treatment plans.

Sample health journal entries that can be entered into Goopatient*:
Date: July 28, 2023
To manage my #Lung_Cancer effectively, I will continue taking my prescribed medications as directed by #Dr.Smith. I will avoid exposure to tobacco smoke and other environmental pollutants. I will also incorporate short walks into my daily routine to help improve my lung function. My next appointment is scheduled in six weeks for further evaluation and assessment.
Today, I experienced increased shortness of breath and a persistent, dry #cough. I also noticed a slight decrease in appetite and mild chest discomfort.
I spent some time around a family member who smokes, which might have contributed to the aggravation of my #cough and shortness of breath. #smoke
I took my prescribed medications this morning, including Erlotinib (150mg) and #Dexamethasone (4mg) to manage my Lung Cancer and alleviate symptoms.
My #oxygen_saturation level was 92%, and my respiratory rate was 20 breaths per minute during the morning check.
I had a #CT_scan done last week to monitor the progress of my Lung Cancer. The results indicated stable disease, with no significant changes compared to the previous scan.
I had a follow-up appointment with my oncologist, #Dr.Smith, today. We discussed the recent CT scan results and decided to continue my current treatment plan. Dr. Smith also recommended taking short walks daily to improve lung function and prescribed a stronger pain medication to manage chest discomfort.
*These health records are not real, but compiled by Dr. Mike Stanton of the UCLA Health Center. The data that you put in Goopatient is totally private and stored only on your computer.