Liver Cancer Health Record Software

People with Liver Cancer should keep health records to monitor the progression of their condition, track symptoms, and ensure timely and effective medical interventions. Maintaining a health journal allows individuals to document symptoms like unexplained weight loss, abdominal pain, jaundice, and fatigue, providing essential information to healthcare providers for accurate diagnosis and treatment adjustments. Tracking potential triggers, such as alcohol consumption or specific dietary choices, can aid in identifying factors that may worsen the condition.

Regularly measuring and recording vital signs, including blood pressure and heart rate, helps individuals monitor their overall health and detect any alarming changes. Lab tests, such as liver function tests and tumor markers, provide crucial insights into liver health and the progression of cancer. Additionally, individuals can track the medications and treatments they receive, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or targeted therapies, along with any side effects or adverse reactions they experience. Overall, maintaining a comprehensive health journal empowers individuals with Liver Cancer to actively engage in their healthcare and collaborate with their medical team for the best possible outcomes.

Sample health journal entries that can be entered into Goopatient*:
Date: July 28, 2023
To manage my #Liver_Cancer, I will adhere to the revised targeted therapy dosage and avoid alcohol. I will also continue monitoring my symptoms and report any concerning changes to my healthcare team. My next appointment with #Dr.Johnson is scheduled in two weeks for further evaluation and assessment.
Today, I experienced persistent #abdominal_pain and discomfort in the right upper quadrant. I also noticed a slight yellowing of my skin and eyes, indicating possible jaundice.
I had a small glass of #wine with dinner last night, which may have contributed to the worsening of my symptoms.
I took my prescribed pain medication #Oxycodone 10mg as needed to manage the abdominal pain. I am also on a targeted therapy regimen (Sorafenib, 400mg) for my Liver Cancer.
My #blood_pressure was 130/85 mmHg, and my heart rate was 78 beats per minute during the morning check. I will continue to monitor these throughout the day.
I had my liver function tests done yesterday, and the results showed elevated liver enzymes, indicating potential liver damage. I also had a tumor marker test, which indicated a rise in #AFP levels, indicating disease progression.
I had a follow-up appointment with my oncologist, #Dr.Johnson, today. We discussed the recent lab results and decided to adjust my targeted therapy dosage. Dr. Johnson also recommended reducing alcohol consumption to alleviate strain on the liver.
*These health records are not real, but compiled by Dr. Mike Stanton of the UCLA Health Center. The data that you put in Goopatient is totally private and stored only on your computer.