Gastric Cancer Health Record Software

People with gastric cancer should keep health records to closely monitor their condition, track treatment progress, and manage symptoms effectively. Maintaining a health journal allows individuals to record and track symptoms related to gastric cancer, such as persistent abdominal pain, indigestion, unexplained weight loss, and fatigue. They can also document potential triggers, such as specific foods or activities that worsen their symptoms or cause discomfort. Regular measuring of vital signs, such as weight and blood pressure, can provide insights into their overall health and response to treatment.

Tracking lab tests, such as blood work and imaging studies, helps in evaluating the effectiveness of treatments and monitoring the progression of the disease. Additionally, individuals can record medications taken, including chemotherapy drugs or pain relievers, and note any side effects experienced. They should also document any medical procedures or doctor visits related to their cancer treatment and follow-up care to ensure comprehensive health management.

Sample health journal entries that can be entered into Goopatient*:
Date: July 28, 2023
I will start keeping a #food diary to identify specific triggers that worsen my symptoms. I will also continue to monitor my pain levels and inform my doctor if there are any significant changes.
Today, I experienced persistent #abdominal_pain, which was more intense after eating meals. I also noticed a slight loss of appetite and felt fatigued throughout the day.
The abdominal pain might have been triggered by certain foods consumed during breakfast and lunch maybe #lemon.
I took my prescribed pain medication #Paracetamol 500mg to manage the abdominal discomfort.
I measured my weight today, and I noticed a slight #weight loss 72kg compared to my last measurement two weeks ago.
I had a scheduled follow-up appointment with my oncologist #Dr.Brown today to discuss my symptoms and treatment progress. We discussed potential adjustments to my treatment plan based on my current condition.
*These health records are not real, but compiled by Dr. Mike Stanton of the UCLA Health Center. The data that you put in Goopatient is totally private and stored only on your computer.